Benton, Suzanne

More Than A Circle
36¼ x 8¼

monoprint with chine collé

Floating World
27 7/8 x 19 ¾

monoprint with chine collé

5/8 x 8 ½

monoprint with chine collé

Floral Dance                                              
9 7/8
x 8 ¼

monoprint with chine collé

Floating Balance                                              
7 13/16
x 9 7/8

monoprint with chine collé

Renaissance Student                                              
13 1/2
x 17 7/8

monoprint with chine collé

Turning Point                                              

19 x 24

acrylic and pastel

Mt Subasio Dream                                              

24 x 18

pastel and acrylic

Dahlia as a Sphinx                                              

26 x 13 x 11

steel and copper coat


“I still look at and learn from the art of the past, and enjoy making interpretations of works which I admire.” Henry Moore

Marcel Proust’s narration in À la rechercheé du temps perdu, merges past and present. By recasting images from the artworks he’s referenced throughout his novel into my own artworks, I’m placing the past in a contemporary framework that enlivens both spheres. The focus I bring to my art has commonalities with Proust’s as I too weave streams of consciousness and veins of symbolism into my work.

Proust’s chosen paintings (over 200) broadened his expressive voice. Re-examining his choices and carrying them into my art has been a invigorating process strengthening my own creative power. Perhaps the artworks I’ve done as a result will inspire others to make their own journeys through Proust’s eyes. No one, to my knowledge has done an interpretation by way of new and original art of artworks chosen by Proust in his lengthy novel. By exploring this new territory I’m providing a map that others may follow.

Proust’s novel recreates the huge social panorama of France before and during World War I. His chosen artworks represent the cannon of his time, moving backwards to Giotto, onward through the Renaissance, and lastly to Manet, Turner, and Whistler. Proust lived on the cusp of revolutionary art movements that transformed artistic thought and consciousness into our present.

In July, 2013 I spent over two weeks in Paris, visiting the Louvre and the Museé d’Orsay and studying paintings that I chose from his broad selection. Paris and the many great museums I visited in my search heightened my focus and passion for this venture. During my stay, I created Olympia I, Olympia II and Another Mona. From late October to mid-December, I traveled to Italy, to Rome and then Assisi as a resident artist at Arte Studio Ginestrelle where I focused on the Giotto frescos as the inspiration for the paintings Serpent Power; Assisi Night; Dreaming Tree I; Giotto Circles I, II, III; The Abbot, Mt Subasio II, Mt Subasio Dream that I created at the residency.

By weaving Proust’s vision into my art, I hope I’ve paved the way for others to further explore their awareness of this great novelist’s sagacity in the realm of art, and to enjoy the artworks I’ve created in the footsteps of this brilliant and dazzling author.

PMW Gallery will be exhibiting several monoprints with Chine collé in with vignettes from the Monet Gardens that were created at Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL in February 2013, and the rest after the Paris journey to the museums and the Monet Gardens.


An artist for nearly 60 years, I continue to explore history, the cultures of the world, mythology, ritual, and the great archetypes. I’ve shared and created my multi-faceted artwork throughout the world. My venues have stretched from New York City to villages in remote parts of Africa, India, and Nepal, as well as philosophy and education portals from Kolkata to Cambridge.

I’ve been a working artist in Bali, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy Japan, Kenya, Korea, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. I traveled to Paris last summer to see paintings referenced in Proust’s lengthy novel, Remembrances of Lost Time as inspiration for my art making series, From Paintings in Proust the title of an upcoming exhibition at the PMW Gallery. Following this theme from late November to early December I was in Rome and at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle artist residency in Assisi where I knew to find inspiration in Giotto’s frescos. 

A former Fulbright Scholar (India), the recipient of many grants and artist residencies, and many hostings by the cultural arm of U. S. Embassies, I’ve traveled worldwide since 1976 while maintaining a home/studio in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Beyond exhibiting widely (150+ solo exhibitions and representation in museum and private collections worldwide), I’m the author of The Art of Welded Sculpture and numerous articles. I am and have been listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Art, and Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975, and am currently listed on the Fulbright Specialist Roster.

I am a printmaker, painter, metal sculptor, mask maker/performance artist, lecturer, and workshop leader.

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