Chernow, Ann
October 7 - November 18, 2012

FOLLOW ME                   
Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"How did you get past the no visitors sign?"
 "I never noticed it."

WHERE ARE YOU             
Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"Doesn't it ever enter a man's head that
a woman can do without him?"

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"From the moment they me it was murder."

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"Its lavish but I call it home."

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"Why are we going this way?"
"Better scenery."

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"You call this dump a hotel?"
"That's what the sign says, fresh sheets
every day they tell me."
"How often do they change the fleas?"

Lithograph 11 x 14"
Edition of 20

"I go where I want to, with anybody I,
want. I just happen to be that kind of girl."

Artist's Statement

My work is based on impressions related to images of women in movies from the l930s and l940s.  I use actual films, studio publicity material, fan magazines and other memorabilia as points of departure and then freely reinterpret without altering the spirit of the chosen cinematic information.    I try to create a sense of déjà vu or nostalgia without the sentimentality often associated with specific film references.

Images as social icons and attention to incident interest me.  I try to convey the broader, contemporary relevance of these images by changing the perception of the original performer’s physiognomy or changing the situational context.  Depicting a universal gesture and establishing dramatic moments are paramount.

Once experienced, a movie is never totally forgotten.  Memories from films can be channels, metaphor and private reverie through which an artist can address the human condition.

My inspiration for this exhibition is the film noir (literally, “black film”) movies of the 1940s –crime dramas and psychological thrillers exposing the dark side of human nature and the randomness of fate.  Filmed in a stark visual style using only black and white film, these noir movies feature long-suffering “good girls,” who find themselves victims of unsolicited, often dangerous circumstances beyond their control, and femme fatales, seductive “bad girls” willing to go to almost any length to get what they want. 

Ann Chernow
October, 2012


Selected one person exhibitions:

2012          PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT                      
2012          Gallery 2/20, New York, NY            

2012          The White Gallery, Lakeville, CT     

2012          Silvermine Center for the Arts, New Canaan, CT          

2011          Dorothy Rogers Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM    

2010          Gallery 220, New York, NY             

2010          Connecticut Fine Arts, Westport, CT          

2009          Uptown Gallery, New York, NY      

2009          Housatonic Museum, Bridgeport, CT        

2008          Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2008          Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007          Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe, NM

2007          PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT

2007          Dorothy Rogers Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2006          Uptown Gallery, New York, NY

2005-03     Dorothy Rogers Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2003          Indiana University, South Bend, IN

2002          Uptown Gallery, New York, NY

2002          Queens College, New York, NY  

Selected group exhibitions:                                                

2012          Silvermine Center for the Arts, New Canaan, CT
2010          Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT
2010          Craven Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
2009          The National Academy, New York, NY
2009          New York Society of Etchers, New York, NY
2009          Boston Printmakers National, Boston, MA
2009          Boston Printmakers, “Field Report”
2009          Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT
2009          Fairfield Arts Council, Fairfield, CT
2009-02    Traveling shows of Blue Sky Press Portfolios at various venues nationwide
2008          Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT
2007          The National Academy, New York, NY
2006          Uptown Gallery, New York, NY
2006          Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown, MA

Selected bibliography:

2011          VENU and other Connecticut publications
2010          Journal of the Print World, November
2010          Gallery/Studio Magazine /NYC, November
2009          Art and Learning  publication, Yale University, New Haven, CT
2009          Vogel Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
2009          New York Times Calendar, Picasso Project
2009          Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate (CT), Picasso Project
2008-02     Journal of the Print World, various articles
2007          Various art journals in Santa Fe, NM
2005          The New York Observer, Hilton Kramer review of “Disegno”
2005-02     A Catalogue Raisonne of Chernow’s Prints, Amity Art Foundation
2004          The New York Times, October 31
2003          Challenging Tradition catalog, The National Academy, New York NY

Selected awards:

2011          Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA); Lifetime Achievement
2009          Connecticut Center for Contemporary Printmaking; for lithography
2006          Tribeca Film Festival Awards; Honored Artist
2006          Texas National; for etching
2004          Silvermine Guild; Lifetime honors
2003          Francesca Anderson Gallery, MA; Best in Show
2002          United Nations Artist of the Year
2001          Philadelphia (PA) Print Club Exhibition Award; for etching
2001          Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial; for etching
1999          Richard Florsheim Award

Selected public collections:

Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Brooklyn Museum; DeCordova Museum; Elvehjem Museum of Art; The National Academy of Design; Museum of the City of New York; Zimmerli Museum; The Portland Museum; The Tel Aviv Museum; The Achenbach Foundation; Yale University Art Gallery; National Museum of Women in the Arts; The United Nations, The New York Public Library Print Collection; The Oakland Museum of Art; The Housatonic Museum; Museum of Alaska North; Sacred Heart University Art Collection; The Toledo Museum; The San Diego Museum of Art; Library of Congress.

Selected related experience:

Elected Member of the National Academy of Design, NYC; Yale University, Art and Learning Program; Connecticut Humanities Scholar; Guest Lecturer and visiting artist throughout the USA and Europe, Creative Director, A Gathering of Glory (2008) and Years in the Making (2009) documentaries;  Member,  New York Society of Etchers, American Print Alliance, Boston Printmakers, Los Angeles Printmakers, California Society of Printmakers; Visiting Artist, Studio Cerqueux, France; Professor Emerita, State of Connecticut Community Colleges; Who’s Who in American Art;  Who’s Who in America; M.A. with honors, New York University.




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