EARTH     24 x 21"     weaving                                                    AIR     23 x 20"     weaving

    TRIAD     8 x 6"     weaving                                                                  DUAL     8 x 6"     weaving

     FOUR     8 x 6"     weaving                                                              QUARTET     14 x 12"     weaving

   LEVI-STRAUSS     55 x 52"     weaving                                           WATER     21 x 22"     weaving

   EXILE    50 x 30"     weaving                                                       STREAM     44 x 21"     weaving


                                                       ICE     42 x 10"  weaving

Roger Dickinson weaving


My interest is in the production of art by means of traditional and historic hand weaving techniques on a loom. My influences are in the field of abstract art, and vary from the paintings of William Scott to the drawings of Richard Serra. My work does not aim to be decorative or, like traditional tapestry, an interpretation of a painted original. The subjects of my abstract work are in the area of ideas rather than objects, and I try to present a woven equivalent or symbol for an original concept. Color is very important to me, and I find the brilliance and subtlety of dyed yarns in a context of traditional weaving technique best realize my artistic aims.


I was born and educated in the north of England and graduated with a BA in Textiles in 1954 from the University of Leeds.

My career has been in the area of printed fabric design, mainly for the Fashion Industry. I first pioneered the hand printing of fashion fabrics in small runs for fashion designers. After this I developed the studio concept of textile design, where I directed a studio, first in London and, after 1981, in New York, providing fashion fabric designs for the Fashion Industries of America, Europe, and the Far East. While in London I taught for many years at the school that is now called Central St Martin's.

In 1997 I closed my New York studio and returned to teaching, at Parsons School of Design and at Norwalk Community College, and I have been concentrating on producing textile art in the handwoven tapestry tradition.

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