UPROOTED    36 x 36"    oil                                                                GLOBAL STRESS  40 x 30"   oil

                                                                   NAUTICAL TWILIGHT  34 x 102"  oil

         COMPOSITE    58 x 38"    oil                                                          CAVE #3   39 x 29"    oil

         MEDLEY IN RED    32 x 32"    oil                                             THE JOURNEY    40 x 40"    oil                   

           FIRE BALL  32 x 25"   monoprint                                                  GALAXY   32 x 25"    monoprint

           TRAPPED CONSCIENCE  32 x 32"  block print                               DOOR    34 x 26"    monoprint

           ATMOSPHERIC VIBES  32 x 25"                                                     CELESTIAL BODIES    33 X 27"
                                          monoprint                                                                                     monoprint



Frieda Howling is an artist, print maker, teacher and a writer. Her works  abstracts oil, black and white lino prints, box constructions and assemblages, etc.  grace many private collections in the U.S. and abroad and hang in several corporate collections. She has had numerous solo shows throughout the United States, as well as Munich, Berlin, and Beirut. She taught Art at the Lebanese American University in Beirut (LAU.)  She is a member of the Arts Council of Milford and Greater New Haven, Connecticut. She holds a Bachelor  degree from Douglass College, Rutgers University and a Master  degree in Interior Design from University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


Frieda Howling  works of many years culminated in Art in Lebanon, 1930-1975, which was published by LAU Press in 2005. In this book, she chronicles the paintings and sculptures of the first Lebanese contemporary artists. Other publications include:


·   From The Traditional to the Modern and Contemporary  Art in the UAE

     Eastern Art Report Magazine, London 1997

·   Changing the Scene with a Mural, School Arts Magazine, April 1975

·   Creativity with Textile Paint, School Arts Magazine, March 1971



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