BIG SPILL     13.25 x 13.25 each panel     encaustic                       CROPPED SCRIPT II     2 x 18 x 18     encaustic-oil

BLACK RED 5 ENSO   25.25 x 25.25"   encaustic_graphite          ECO ENSO HARMONY     21 x 21"     encaustic
2010                                                                                                        2010

ECO HARMONY I   12.75 x 16.75"   encaustic_graphite            ECO HARMONY II   12.75 x 16.75"   encaustic_graphite
2010                                                                                                     2010

ENSO RED SLASH    11.75 x 11.75"     encaustic_oil                        ENSO RED GRID     15.75 x 15.75"     encaustic_oil
2010                                                                                                        2010

SUMMER NIGHT    15.75 x 15.75"   encaustic_graphite                    NEW DAY     19.5 x 19.5     encaustic_mixed media
2010                                                                                                        2010

AURORA     12 x 36"  4 panel    encaustic-sand                          GRID I     1 x 19 x 25"     encaustic-oil    
2009                                                                                                         2011

HEAVY METAL SPILL  11.75 x 11.75" 2 panels  encaustic                      GRID III     2 x 12 x 24"   encaustic_oil_metal leaf
2010                                                                                          2011

                                         GRID II     2 x 18 x 18"     encaustic_oil


Alchemy and visual stimulation have always been a focus of my work.  Transformation is a fascination... mixing materials, elements and concepts resulting in something different... hopefully something new... sometimes a variation on proven techniques creating new and varied solutions.

With a background in design the result in my work is frequently graphic and sometimes dramatic - intended to be something that speaks for itself to each viewer.

My work has been varied... enjoying the alchemy of experimentation for expression.  Paper making, various forms of print making and painting in a variety of mediums, now including the use of wax in encaustic painting, have all allowed for varied forms of transformation through manipulation of materials and mediums to fuel my curiosity in creating visual interest.



2011 (July)                                            Art Place, Fairfield, CT

                                                              New Members Exhibition


2010                                                       Fairfield Arts Council, Fairfield, CT 

                                                               New England Wax – Members group show


2009                                                       ArtSpace, New Haven, CT

                                                               Group show


2007                                                       PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT

                                                               Encaustic Directions, One man show


2001                                                       Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT

                                                               Members show


1999                                                       P.S. 122,  New York, NY

                                                               Group Exhibition


1999                                                                          Triangle Gallery, Vancouver B.C.

                   The IDA Project,  Group Exhibition


1998     (Award Winner)                        Hunter Museum of American Art,  Chattanooga, TN

                                                              Juried show, J uror-Donald Kuspit


1998                                                       P.S. 122, New York, NY

                                                               Group Exhibition


1993 & 1994                                         Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

                                                              The Mask Show, Group Exhibition


1991 - 1996                                          Downstairs Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC


2005                                                       Encaustic Painting - Laura Moriarty

                                                               Center for Contemporary Printmaking

                                                               Norwalk, CT


2001                                                       Painting - Ronnie Langfield

                                                               Art Students League

                                                               New York, NY


1998                                                       Printmaking - Carmela Venti

                                                               Center for Contemporary Printmaking

                                                               Norwalk, CT


1996                                                       Collage - Kathy Caraccio

                                                               Center for Contemporary Printmaking

                                                               Norwalk, CT


1993 & 1994                                           Drawing - Michael Britton

                                                               Basic Inquiry Studio

                                                               Vancouver, B.C.


1973 - 1974                                            Design Diploma (Honors)

                                                               Inchbald School of Design, London, England


1966 - 1968                                             Vancouver Art School - Fine Arts,

                                                                Vancouver, B.C.


1998 - Present                                        Design, Fairfield University

                                                                Fairfield, CT


1997 - 2002                                             Design, Norwalk Community College

                                                                Norwalk, CT


1992 - 1994                                             Paper making and print making

                                                                Kennedy Design Studios, Vancouver, B.C.



Ms. Elizabeth Adams                           Stamford, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Avery                       New Canann, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bidnell                    Stoney Stratford, England

Mr. Michael Bohdan                              Auckland, New Zealand

Mr. & Mrs. John Braunschweig             Darien, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Braun                      Germany

Ms. P. Brookbank                                 Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Mr. M. Burnette & Mr. J. Raymond         Norwalk, CT

Mrs. Linda Cobb                                   Vancouver, BC

Ms. Barbara Cruickshank                     Vancouver, BC

Mr. Bill Cruise                                       Ossining, NY

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Dickinson                   Westport, CT

Ms. Elaini Gardiner                               Vancouver, BC

Germanotta Family (Lady Gaga)          New York, NY

Global In Touch                                    New York, NY

Mrs. Alma Hall                                      New Haven, CT

Mr. & Mrs. A. Harder                             Cham, Germany

Pastor & Mrs. Scott Harris                   Stamford, CT

Mr. Thomas Heimerl                              Furth im Wald, Germany

Mrs. Margie Irish                                  Stamford, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Jacquart                    North Vancouver, BC

Lindsay Kamachi Optometrics             White Rock, BC

Ms. Diana Kennedy                             North Vancouver, BC

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Kennedy                 Vancouver, BC

Mrs. Sheila Koch                                  Stamford, CT

Ms. Lillian Kraemer                              New York, NY

Mr. and Mrs. State Lawrence               Stonington, CT

Ms. Patricia Lydon                               Stamford, CT       

Dr. and Mrs. R. MacGillivray                  West Vancouver, BC

Mrs. Keiko Sato                                   New Rochelle, NY

Mr. Christian Schmied                          Brooke, Germany

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Speiser                    Chattanooga, TN

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Steeneck                      Southport, NC

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Swanton                Greenwich, CT

Vertrue                                                Norwalk, CT

Mr. G. Hellier & Mr. G. Wagener            Stamford, CT

Mr. Jack Weeks                                    Victoria, BC

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