Kane, Craig

  Heroic Painting
   marker on painted wall surface with wire and clay

   oil paint on canvas paper with wire

   black paper

  Mini Art Collection in A Box
   oil paintings on linen + wood, handmade paper/linen book,
   photography, multimedia sculpture, painted titles on paper

  Post Minimal UH
   oil paint, cardboard, mat board and mixed media sculpture

   oil paint on cardboard

  Craig Kane
  Part of the World

   oil paint on cardboard with motor and electric cord

   oil paint, gesso and cardboard

  Guernica Study Sphere
   paper and wood with light 

  Stuff Sphere Messy


  Love Tree
   fabric and tree branch

  Grad School Tower
   mixed media

  Desk Art, BLEH
   oil paint on paper wired to drywall base


  Water Towers #1
   oil paint on gessoed board

  Palm Trees
   oil paint on gessoed board

  The Towers
   oil paint and pastel layered on canvas

  Study #2
   oil paint and wire

  Guernica Study #2
   acrylic paint on mat board


Artist Statement

I grew up in California but was born in New York City and moved back to the City after graduating from UC-Berkeley in 1987.  I have lived and worked in Brooklyn and Manhattan ever since, earning an MFA from SUNY-Purchase in 2004 and exhibiting my work at solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Long Island, Philadelphia, Beijing, Connecticut  and California.


Many of my paintings are small, some only 2 or 3 inches. Some are seascapes or cityscapes like rooftops or water towers. Others are still lifes, portraits or simply reflections of a mood or attitude.


While a lot of what I do is not limited to 2 dimensions, to me there is no such thing as sculpture.  I think everything I do in my studio is some kind of painting.  Even when I don’t paint.  When asked what kind of artist I am, I often say I’m a painter who doesn’t paint, but maybe that gives the wrong impression and makes people think I don’t do anything. What I am doing in my studio is both playful and serious and it is, ultimately, all about painting.


I don’t stick with one thing. I do all kinds of things, and I go back to some of them and do them again.  What keeps me fresh and excited is I don’t force myself to do one thing, and also that I do some of the same things over and over again.  What’s important is that I don’t want to edit myself and I don’t. When I go into my studio, I can do anything and I let myself do whatever I want. 


Craig Kane


Artist Biography

Born in New York City. Lives and works in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

2004     MFA Purchase College
            State University of New York

1987     BA U.C. Berkeley

Selected Recent Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
2013     PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT

2008     Keller Gallery, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego CA

2008     Spacecraft Gallery, San Diego, CA

2007     LJ Art Space, Beijing, China

2007     Spacecraft Gallery, San Diego, CA

Group Exhibitions
2011     art sites gallery, Riverhead, NY

2011     214a Gallery, San Diego, CA

2010     Homestead Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009     Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

2009     art sites gallery, Riverhead, NY

2004     Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2003     Hunter College Art Galleries, New York, NY

2002     Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
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