Patsy Whitman   &   Betsy Adams


Invite you to the


PMW Gallery


530 Roxbury Road

Stamford, Connecticut06902

203 322 5427


A one-day benefit exhibition
of the primitive paintings by



 Lincoln County, Georgia


Sunday, November 5, 2006

noon to four


A benefit for the Katrina Task Force

of St. Francis Episcopal Church / Stamford

and its shared mission of disaster relief and restoration with St. Anna’s Episcopal Church / New Orleans.


The artist paints remembered scenes and themes from his childhood with his fingers and sticks on recycled roofing tin with oil based enamel paint ... if you look closely you can find Leonard’s fingerprints in the paintings.

Leonard Jones - "Born around 1950" 

He was born and lives near the banks of the Savannah River in Lincoln County, Georgia. Leonard discovered his talent for painting while attending public school.  After many jobs as a general laborer he started painting professionally. His subjects are captured on recycled roofing tin using oil based enamel, making this art just as at home indoors as out.   The truly unique aspect of Leonard's work is that the paint is applied with sticks or his fingers.  If you look closely, you can find Leonard's fingerprints in most of his art.

Leonard paints from memory, with many of his favorite subjects coming from childhood events.  Leonard is truly a primitive artist, choosing to still live with no electricity, telephone or running water.  He also does not drive.  In Leonard's own words, "I like to let my paintings take me to places."

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