Alien Head 1
18 x 18"


Alien Head 2
18 x 18"


Alien Head 3
18 x 18"


Alien Head 4
18 x 18"

Alien Head 5
18 x 18"

Head 1
44 x 44"

Head 2
44 x 44"

Head 3
44 x 44"

Head 4
44 x 44"

Head 5
44 x 44"

44 x 78"

42 x 81"

"Gerald McLaughlin's work stands on the edge of the surreal plain of memory and desire. He does not give us objects dreaming of the freedom to float above laws of nature - the old surrealist slight of incongruity. McLaughlin is a fusion of the organic and the mechanical. The mystery here is not an oddness of juxtaposition but a play of subtle light and shade, a kind of wishfullness. McLaughlin's landscape is the dreaming part of us. The smoke-gray shapes of our technology enter the private night. A seamless sleep of fleshy hardware, boxes with hearts. These strange and textured paintings are part of the nature they envision, the cross-consciousness of men and things."
Don DeLillo

"Gerald McLaughlin takes us to the edge of the universe. His work employs cryptic, mysterious forms existing in luminous tense harmony. There is an ordered irrationally about them, capricious almost. The hallmark of his work is a diquieting serenity."
John I. H. Bau


Whitney Museum of American Art
Art Institute of Chicago
Baltimore Museum of Art

McLaughlin has exhibited in most of the major museums in the US. He has won many prizes including the Logan Medal, 1st prize in painting, Chicago and Vicinity Show.

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