Feelings of Nature   24½ x 19¾"
monoprint A

Feelings of Nature #54    
28 x 22"
oil on canvas

Feelings of Nature #52    
30 x 24"
oil on canvas

Feelings of Nature #52    
30 x 24"
oil on canvas

Artist's Statement
My paintings spring from a love and appreciation of Nature filtered through a meld of ever changing life experiences. The art reflects what I see now and what I have experienced throughout my life. In this process my inner response and outward expression are constantly providing creative challenges.


When I look at one of the wondrous natural scenes which surround us, I feel the need to portray the emotional impact of the scene, more than the objects themselves. In expressing my impressions in abstract form, I am consciously freeing form and color from Nature to focus on the essential order of things as I see and feel them.


In my daily living I strive to become a better person and to improve my conscious contact with a higher spiritual being; and in my art I constantly strive to attain a higher level of expression.

Liana Moonie was born in Trieste, Italy where she graduated with a teaching degree. She arrived in the United States in 1947. Liana has traveled extensively in the US, Europe, and South America.  She lived for several years in South America. Moonie studied art with Robert Brackman, Edgar Whitney, William Maxwell and other prominent artists.


Originally Moonie was a representational artist. For many years she has favored semi-abstract and abstract painting. She has developed a unique style in creating imaginative paintings with various media; watercolor, oil, collage, encaustic, woodcut, etching, monoprint, and monotype.  Her work has been acclaimed as timeless; done with an exquisite sense of design, balance, and color harmony.  Moonie’s work holds a sense of movement and excitement.


2013              PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT

2012              ArtPlace Gallery Exhibition, Watermark Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

2011              Beaux Arts Gallery, Community Church, Greenwich, CT

2011              ArtPlace Gallery, Fairfield, CT

2010              Watermark Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

2010              Silvermine Arts Center, Director’s Choice Exhibition, New Canaan, CT

2009              ArtPlace Gallery, Fairfield, CT

2005              Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL

2005              UMA Gallery, NYC

2005              Greenwich Art Society, President's Choice, Greenwich, CT

2005              Treasure Room Gallery, Interchurch Center, NY

1986-2006     Art Place Gallery, Southport, CT



2013              The Beach Club, Member’s Art Exhibit, Palm Beach, FL

2013              The Armory Art Center, National Association of Women Artists, West Palm Beach, FL

2012              Byram Schubert Library, Greenwich Pen Women, Greenwich, CT

2012              Greenwich Historical Society, 100th Anniversary Exhibition, Greenwich, CT

2012              Aboard the Seafair, Greenwich Harbor, Art Greenwich, Greenwich, CT

2012              Garden Education Center, Greenwich, CT

2012              Greenwich Library, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Art Society, Greenwich, CT

2011              Greenwich Historical Society, Greenwich, CT

2010              Art of the Northeast USA

2007              The Faber Birren Color Awards Show, Stamford, CT

2005              GE World Headquarter, Fairfield, CT

2003              The Faber Birren Color Awards Show, Stamford, CT

1996              Art of the Northeast USA - Juried by Susan Brundag

1995              Art of the Northeast USA - Juried by Andre Emmerich

1993              The Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, CT (1993 and later years)

1989-2013     Northwood University, Jeannette Hare Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL

1986              Islip Art Museum, NY

1980-2000     National Association of Women Artists Annual Exhibitions, USA and Europe




2012              N.A.W.A. – Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement

2007              N.A.W.A. – Medal Award for Outstanding Service to the Arts

2007              Greenwich Art Society, CT – The Frances K. Brooks Award

2005              Greenwich Art Society, CT – The Inez and Sid Noble Award

2000              The Flinn Gallery, CT – The Fred Kraus Award

1998              The Hurlbutt Gallery, CT – The F. Brooks Award

1997              Greenwich Art Society, CT ­– The Jo Ubogy Award

1997              N.A.W.A. – Miriam E. Halpern Memorial Award

1997              National League of American pen Women – The Owl Award

1995              N.A.W.A. - Myra Biggerstaff Award

1994              Greenwich Art Society – President's Award

1993              The Hurlbutt Gallery, CT - The Mary B. Hathaway Award

1992              The Greenwich Art Society Gallery, CT - The Quinn's Award

1992              The Greenwich Council for the Arts, CT – The Jane Peterson Memorial Award

1990              The Hurlbutt Gallery, CT - The Therese Langhorne Duble Award

1989              N.A.W.A. – Citation for “inspired leadership and dedication”




Jane Voorheess Zimmerli Art Museum, New  Brunswick, NJ

PepsiCo Inc.

Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL

Credit Anstalt Bank Verein, NYC

Palm Beach International Airport Permanent Collection, West Palm Beach, FL

Scarsdale National Bank, Main Office

Greenburgh Public Library, NY

Cluett-Peabody Corp

Other public and numerous private collections

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