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B E A C H E S,
or where the land merges into the sea and the sea touches the sky

Situated at the edge of the material world, beaches are the borderline between the limited and the infinite, between where we are and from where we come, encoding hints of our true identity. On the beach I can effortlessly perceive the truth of what I am. I am more than a body, and more than what I make of myself. I am Spirit. My images stand for a contemplative mind, seeking alignment with Spirit, or that which is of God or Love within. They are visions of the fulfillment that comes when we rejoice in what we are, which is a state of just being; further implying with their expanse that we have to step out of the cave of our defenses in order to reach that peaceful place within us. The still lifes, as an extension, capture a moment of depth, reflecting the intimacy of the experience.

Technical Information:

My images are taken with a Nikon FE2 camera, Nikkor 35mm, or Nikkor 55m, with T-Max 100 ASA black and white film. I use a tripod in order to close the aperture to the max and achieve an overall focus. The pictures are composed on the spot and are mostly uncropped. I print on Ilford Multigrade matt fiber paper which I then treat, after drying and pressing, with a solution called PM which allows me to color the images with pencils. This technique produces subtle colors unattainable with color film. Some of my still lifes I choose to leave black and white, because I feel they already capture a peaceful warmth.


Curriculum Vitae

1999 PMW GALLERY One person exhibition, Stamford, CT
1998 PICTURE THIS GALLERY Group exhibition, Westport, CT
CANDACE PERICH GALLERY Representation, Katonah, NY
BORDERS BOOKS One person exhibition, Stamford, CT
WILTON ARTS COUNCIL First juried photography exhibition Honorable Mention, Wilton, CT
RIDGEFIELD GUILD OF ARTISTS 21st annual juried art exhibition, Ridgefield, CT
THE GOLDEN LIGHTS AWARD CATALOG The Main Photographic Workshop Listed among top 100 photographers
SIGNATURE FINE ART Representation in permanent exhibition, Westport, CT
1997 Established residence in the United States
1989-96 Counselor for unemployed Yoga/Meditation teacher
1988 ASSOCIATED PRESS Photo lab technician, Zurich, Switzerland
DAILY NEWS, Zurich, Switzerland
SUNDAY TIMES Photo series of parks and beaches of Southern England, London, UK
1987 ALEX KAISER Photographer's assistant, New York, NY
SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS Course work, New York, NY



RAYMOND MEIER Photographer's assistant, Zurich, Switzerland

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