Celestial Night I                           Celestial Night II                       Celestial Night III
    Encaustic and sand on wood          Encaustic and sand on wood        Encaustic and sand on wood
    16 x 20"                                        16 x 20"                                     16 x 20"


     Detention I                                     Detention II                                  
     Encaustic and sand on wood         Encaustic and sand on wood
     21 1/2 x 16"  (framed)                   21 1/2 x 16" (framed)

    Echo I                                                                       Echo II
    Encaustic, oil, metal leaf and glaze on                     Encaustic, oil, metal leaf and glaze on
    canvas on wood panel                                             canvas on wood panel
    17 3/4 x 79"                                                             17 3/4 x 79"


   Mont Noir                                                                   
   Encaustic and sand on wood                                     
   14 x 48"                                                                     

   Non                                                  Oui
   Encaustic on wood                           Encaustic on wood
   19 1/2 x 24"                                     19 1/2 x 24"


   Parlor Games I                               Parlor Games II                              Parlor Games III
   Encaustic and sand on wood         Encaustic and sand on wood         Encaustic and sand on wood
   15 x 15"                                         15 x 15"                                         15 x 15" 


    Strata I                                                                   Strata II
    Encaustic and sand on wood                                  Encaustic and sand on wood
    14 x 48"                                                                  14 x 48"


    Tropical Route                                                          Polar Route
    Encaustic, sand and metal leaf on wood                 Encaustic, sand and metal leaf on wood
    23 1/4 x 24"                                                            27 3/4 x 19 1/2"


   Circle                                            Triangle                                         Square                               
   Encaustic and sand on wood       Encaustic and sand on wood         Encaustic and sand on wood
   16 x 16"                                       16 x 16"                                         16 x 16"


Patrick Kennedy

Current                  Encaustic Directions, PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT
2001                      Center for Contemporary Printmaking Members show, Norwalk, CT
1999                      P.S. 122 Group Exhibition, New York, NY
1998                      Hunter Museum of American Art Chattanooga, TN 
                               Juried show, Juror-Donald Kuspit (Award Winner)
1998                      P.S. 122 Group Exhibition, New York, NY
1991 - 1996          Downstairs Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC

1998 - Present      Design, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
1997 - 2002          Design, Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT
1992 - 1994          Paper making and print making, Kennedy Design Studios, Vancouver, B.C. 

2005                     Encaustic Painting - Laura Moriarty Center for Contemporary Printmaking,
                              Norwalk, CT
2001                     Painting - Ronnie Langfield Art Students League New York, NY
1998                     Printmaking - Carmela Venti Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT
1996                     Collage - Kathy Caraccio Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT
1993 & 1994        Drawing - Michael Britton Basic Inquiry Studio Vancouver, B.C.
1973 - 1974         Design Diploma (Honors) Inchbald School of Design, London, England
1966 - 1968         Vancouver Art School - Fine Arts, Vancouver, B.C.   

Patrick Kennedy

Alchemy and visual stimulation have always been a focus of my work. Transformation is a fascination... mixing materials, elements and concepts resulting in something different... sometimes something new... sometimes a variation on proven techniques creating new and varied solutions.

With a background in design the result in my work is frequently graphic and sometimes dramatic - hopefully something that speaks for itself to each viewer.

My work has been varied... enjoying the alchemy of experimentation for expression. Paper making, various forms of print making and painting in a variety of mediums, now including the use of wax in encaustic painting, have all allowed for varied forms of transformation through manipulation of materials and mediums to fuel my curiosity in creating visual interest.

Encaustic painting is an age-old technique practiced by Greek artists back as far as the 5th century B.C. Perhaps the best known of all encaustic work are the Fayum funeral portraits painted in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. by Greek painters in Egypt. A significant Greek population had settled in Egypt following its conquest by Alexander, eventually adopting the customs of the Egyptians. This included mummifying their dead. A portrait of the deceased, painted either in the prime of life or after death, was placed over the person's mummy as a memorial. Many of these pieces have survived to our own time, and their color has remained as fresh as any recently completed work. Beautiful examples of this work can be seen in the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The encaustic paint is a beeswax based medium that is kept molten throughout the painting process. This is achieved through the use of a heated palette and such contemporary implements as electric hot air guns, irons, etc. This availability of modern heating equipment makes the painting process a much less formidable technique. The medium can be brushed, sculpted and textured and the finished work can be polished to a high gloss.

The durability of encaustic is due to the fact the beeswax has a relatively high melting point and the fact that it is impervious to moisture.

Contemporary encaustic work is frequently seen on it’s own or used in conjunction with other materials and mediums. The work can be done on paper where the pigmented wax is used more as a stain rather than built up. The build up of this wax medium requires a non-flexible base to avoid cracking. Therefore, as you can see, my work is mostly done on a wood base and sometimes braced depending on the thickness of the base.

The use of wax, pigment and heat in encaustic painting creates a wonderful medium for an artist interested in alchemy.

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